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Eastern Wireless Teams Up with V-COMM to Revolutionize Wireless Communications at Capital Health Regional Medical Center

Eastern Wireless, in partnership with telecommunication engineering firm V-COMM, has successfully completed a pioneering project to optimize wireless communication at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, located at 750 Brunswick Ave, Trenton, NJ. This collaboration has ushered in a new era of connectivity for one of Trenton’s most vital healthcare institutions.

The mission was clear yet complex: to implement a cutting-edge Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that ensures seamless cellular coverage throughout the medical center’s extensive facilities. Given the architectural complexity of a building that weaves a century’s history with numerous expansions and renovations, this was no small feat.

V-COMM’s solution incorporates integration with AT&T as the initial carrier, with provisions for additional carriers to join seamlessly and includes vital FirstNet capabilities to prioritize critical communication for emergency services. This strategic initiative mirrors the success V-COMM has had in enhancing wireless infrastructure in challenging environments like the busy airports and subways of New York and Philadelphia.

Jeff Rupp, Managing Director of View Capital Partners, which oversees Eastern Wireless, lauded V-COMM’s dedication and expertise. “Navigating the intricate demands of such a historic facility required patience and an unwavering commitment to excellence. V-COMM’s professionalism and effective solution-focused approach were outstanding. The value delivered by this DAS system to our stakeholders, including the hospital, its patients, and the partnering wireless carriers, is immeasurable.”

“This venture stands as a testament to what can be achieved when leading experts in wireless technology collaborate with forward-thinking partners,” said Dominic Villecco, president of V-COMM. “Our aim was to ensure that everyone within the confines of Capital Health Regional Medical Center – from the medical staff to patients and visitors – benefit from reliable, high-quality wireless service. This project goes beyond improving connectivity; it’s about enhancing the healthcare experience for all.”

With the completion of this project, Capital Health Regional Medical Center sets a new standard for wireless communication within healthcare facilities, demonstrating a commitment to both quality care and technological innovation.

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