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V‑COMM President Receives NG911 Awareness Award

Washington, D.C. (February 28, 2017)—V‑COMM President Dominic Villecco received this year’s NG911 Awareness award at NG9-1-1 Institute’s 14th annual 911 Honor Awards Reception in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, February 28.

Mr. Villecco received the award on behalf of the New Jersey Wireless Association (NJWA) and his efforts to raise awareness of 911 fee diversion in the State of New Jersey while serving as the association’s Vice President of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Public Safety Committee.

“It is an honor to receive this award because it means more people are starting to take notice of what we have been working to accomplish,” said Mr. Villecco. “Members of NJWA and I have been pushing for real change for a long time, and each day we get a little closer to that goal.”

“Dominic has been a great asset to our association for many years, and his committee has been successful in generating awareness in the media and with key stakeholders for the diversion of 911 funds in the State,” said Rob Ivanoff, President of the Board of Trustees for NJWA. “It has been a long fight and we are proud to have Dominic as a champion on the side of improving 911 technology and service in New Jersey.”

For more information on the NG9-1-1 Institute, visit www.ng911institute.org.
For more information on this issue and NJWA, visit www.newjerseywireless.org.