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Innovate New Jersey

About Innovate New Jersey

Released this past September 2020, INNOVATE® New Jersey features over 400 pages of the state’s finest innovators across all industries. From InCharged to 1Huddle and Valley Bank to KPMG, this book in the making has all of the makings of greatness—precisely because great innovators and innovation enablers populate its pages.

In original pieces, thought leaders give their unique and veteran perspectives on innovation. Look for words by Dr. Elizabeth Christopherson, David Kimball, Jassi Chadha, Ron Gaboury, James Barrood, and others.

Subsequent chapters highlight organizations’ stories in custom-designed double-page spreads. INNOVATE® New Jersey showcases new ventures, growth companies and institutions alike: TechWerxe, Princeton Identity, Greenlight Technologies, feature alongside Rutgers University, Rowan University, Montclair State University, Caregility, Avantor, SmartIMS, Gearhart Law, Advance Realty, Tech Council Ventures and more.

Source: Innovations of the World

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