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V-COMM Hired to Provide Public Safety and Cell Tower Management and Consulting Services to Delaware County, PA

V-COMM, a leading telecommunications engineering firm, was recently contracted to provide cell tower management and consulting services to Delaware County, PA. The County of Delaware currently owns five radio towers and sites, which are primarily used for its 911 radio system and other emergency communications networks. These towers will be utilized, in addition to other third-party towers, for the implementation of a new 911 radio system for the County.

“At V-COMM we have 25 years of experience designing and installing public safety systems for first responders that are resilient, reliable, and clear in emergencies,” said Dominic Villecco, president of V-COMM. “We are looking forward to helping the County to assess, evaluate, and procure additional towers needed for its new 911 radio system.”

Additionally, the County leases space on its towers to other entities for cell networks or other communications equipment. V-COMM will assist the County with the ongoing management of existing and future leases while identifying any potential interference issues or conditions that may impact the effectiveness of the County’s public safety radio system.

V-COMM entered the public safety arena 25 years ago and has since become the premier provider of engineering solutions to the public safety sector in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

V-COMM designs radio systems that first responders such as police, EMTs, and firefighters use to communicate with dispatchers or each other. One of the first P25 Phase 2 systems the firm designed was for Camden County, NJ. Thanks to the resiliency V-COMM built into that system, they never missed a beat when a primary radio site went down during Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Their backup system activated immediately, as planned. Since extending its expertise to dozens of municipal and county governments, V-COMM’s systems currently support the needs of over 100,000 first responders, and, subsequently, the communities and residents they serve.


V-COMM is a leading provider of integrated network engineering, radio frequency engineering, and related business services, with offices in Edison and Somers Point, NJ, and Exton, PA. V-COMM delivers the needed expertise and cost-effective solutions to governmental agencies, wireless operators, and commercial enterprises. V-COMM also provides design and design/build services for in-building, in-tunnel, and other wireless telecommunications networks. For more information, call 1-800-930-4307 or visit www.vcomm-eng.com.